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So you are looking for a job and then a lot of people recommend you to find a recruiter? You want to know is it worth it? Do I need a recruiter to find a job?

Whether you are a person who’s in between jobs, a person that is wanting to leave your current job to find a better paying job, or one whose office environment and the boss doesn’t correspond with your preferences. You must be familiar with the distress of finding a place where you belong and appreciated.

So why not try and recruit a recruiter to find a job for you. If you are wondering why do I need a recruiter to find a job?. I have six answers to answer your question.

Recruiters make the job finding process easier and faster.

Finding your desired job is hard and time-consuming. You have to go through various job boards to find the right openings. Moreover, you have to make your resume ideal for not only one but every potential job. In addition to sending applications and cover letters for each and every one of them.

Many experts recommend sending 10 to 15 applications a week. One application roughly takes more than 45 minutes to apply. The recruiters save your time by finding a job for you. They know in and out of the industry and very knowledgable about the variety of jobs available.

Their job is to find you a job.

Everyone wants to put food on their table and so do recruiters. Finding you a job means they will get paid. Therefore, they take it very seriously and they will pull out all the stops to get you a job as soon as possible.

Recruiters have detailed knowledge.

Recruiters know their clients’ needs and preferences and they can classify between potential candidates to best meet their client’s requirements. Everything is not written in a job description and recruiters can provide you with the details to better understand the business.

A wide range of accessibility.

Image of a man holding a resume across from the desk of a woman. He is looking over her resume to see if it needs changes.

Some big and reputable companies only prefer candidates from trusted recruiters. Therefore, recruiters have access to jobs that are not posted on job boards. According to business insider, 70% of jobs are not even listed. Hence, a recruiter gives you access to the openings that you are not aware of.

Do I need a recruiter to find a job and help me improve?

A keen recruiter will help you through the whole process – From perfecting your resume and portfolio to guiding you with interview tactics. Furthermore, they provide you with feedback on your probable-employer-profile. Being aware of this knowledge increase your chance of getting hired significantly

Recruiter’s diverse and broad network.

Recruiters have a wide range of connections as a perk of their job and can immensely benefit you for your hunt. Even if you are an extrovert who have been making connections all their life, your social and family circle cannot match recruiter’s far-ranging network. According to a survey 85% of all jobs filled via networking.

If you’re in the job-hunting world, send us your resume and we just may find the job of your dreams.