In an ideal world, an unsatisfied you would already be reaching out to our job placement agency for professional career opportunities. We know this to be a distant possibility, seeing as engagement is at an all-time low (33%), meaning most people despise their jobs but aren’t willing to do much, let alone switch jobs, to change this attitude.

Are you brave enough to enter unfamiliar territory? Here’s how you can successfully tackle a career change with our recruiters.

Rethink Your Decision

Just because you want to switch careers doesn’t mean you should, especially if it does nothing to change your current situation. Take a break from work to reevaluate your priorities instead of quitting when the urge strikes.

Look at the bigger picture by answering the following:

  • Why do you want to quit?
  • How will another career make you happy?
  • What are the downsides of this new career?
  • Can they lead to the same situation you’re in right now?

Think long and hard about these answers, and contact us if you still wish to switch.

Find the Right Job Placement Agency

There are more than 12,000 job placement agencies in the US alone, and they aren’t all the same. Some are job posting platforms like LinkedIn, whereas others cater to one or more industries.

Take HinTech Recruiting, for instance. We dabble exclusively in medical and pharmaceutical sales. When considering a career switch, focus on recruiters specializing in that industry. Research their operations, background, and success ratio.

You can also learn more about their recruitment process before responding to a job posting or signing up as a potential candidate on their platform.

A Potential Candidate Discussing Jobs with a Business Recruitment Specialist

Make the Most of the Opportunity

The role of a job placement agency is to place the right place in the right positions. They go out of their way in this endeavor, not only searching suitable candidates to fill available positions but also offering the following:

  • Targeted advice on changing careers.
  • Information on industry trends and required skillsets.
  • Details of potential job opportunities for your existing soft skills.
  • Tips on improving your resumé.
  • Tips for acing an upcoming interview.
  • Tips for adding relevant qualifications to share with the employers.

Recruiters help you navigate a new career path by telling you what potential employers want to see in a fresh candidate with little or zero experience in the field. They are willing to take a chance on you because a credible job placement agency like HinTech Recruiting is representing you.

We are an award-winning member of First Interview, the world’s largest network of sales recruitment specialists specializing in medical sales. You might be changing careers now, but we’ve been helping many like you do that for the past 24 years. Find inside sales jobs and join our network of sales reps today.

Get in touch for further assistance.