Image of a hand with a marker filling out a job application during their job search

After graduation comes the job search

After a formal ceremony and a couple of celebrations, you can finally say that you’re a high school graduate. If you know that the university is not right for you right now and you have taken the time to relax, you have only one option left. It’s time to start the job search. Today’s job market is difficult for everyone, but you must keep a few things in mind as you begin this job search phase of your life.

First, tell everyone you know about your job search.

Someone can connect you with another person who wants to hire someone. Your neighbor may have a parent who owns a new business. A friend could be hanging a help-wanted ad that you missed. You’ve heard the following sentence: “It’s not what you know, it’s whom you know.” This snapshot contains an element of truth. Knowing the right person in the right place can make the difference between being hired and ignored.

We don’t have to be fighting against social media all of the time, it is actually a good tool if you use it wisely. Many websites are great for networking and finding job opportunities. You can search for companies and find out about their culture and hiring practices. Most large companies only accept online applications.

Pay attention to social media and the things you publish.

Employers can and do site research to find out more about potential employees. Avoid posting pictures that may give you a different look than a model employee. This includes pictures and comments on alcohol, the party and certainly anything illegal. Ask your friends not to mark you on the published photos. Avoid making negative comments to former employers or anyone you might feel like a difficult person.

Go old school!

Get out and knock on the sidewalk. Go to the workplaces you want to work in and ask to speak with a manager. Many places only accept online applications, but it is always good to associate a face with a name. Make sure you dress appropriately for the places you go and try to avoid the busiest times of the business. For example, do not ask a restaurant manager to provide you with jobs during lunch break.

Look at the big picture! Some beginner jobs may not seem wonderful but look at the possibilities that may arise. A growing convenience store business offers all employees competitive compensation, savings and tuition reimbursement. More importantly, they only promote the inside of the company. Preparing sandwiches doesn’t seem to be a dream job but you can start at the front desk and then you’ll be climbing the corporate ladder in no time.

The right job for you is out there and you’ll eventually find it. Be sure to stay positive and motivated on your job search. Your attitude will prevail.