The healthcare industry has undergone quite a whiplash-inducing transition in the years following the pandemic. While the evolution has slowed down somewhat, it’s nowhere near complete.

The following B2B talent acquisition trends for 2023 mean the hiring process at our sales recruiting firm is a work in progress.

The Renaissance of the Work-Life Balance

If there’s one good thing the pandemic did, it’s put everyone’s priorities in order. Ever since the first wave, we’ve been seeing articles about how important advertising a work-life balance is to recruitment; it seems 2023 will be the year this aspect will become an intrinsic part of B2B talent acquisition.

When interviewing candidates through our sales recruiters, get a head start on this trend. By showing potential employees how much you care about setting boundaries between their work and personal life, you can make them care about your talent requirements.

Hiring for Skills Instead of Qualification

Skills-based hiring has been on the come-up since early 2022. While most organizations removed specific degree-based recruitment sometime during the previous decade, many recruiters have struggled to put a candidate’s skills above their qualifications and relevant experience.

A B2B Talent Acquisition Specialist Reviewing a Candidate’s Resumé

A Shift Toward Candidate Experience

In 2023, recruitment will be less about the candidate’s professional experience and more about their experience of the recruitment process, an aspect that appears to motivate 97% of candidates to refer the opportunity to other candidates.

While medical sales staffing agencies play their part in drawing the right talent, they will also need their B2B clients, aka the employers, to make the recruitment process as pleasant as possible for the shortlisted candidates. It’s word of mouth from now on, and their word will decide whether you attract top talent.

An Affinity for Flexible Working Conditions

Flexible hours might not appeal to the masses you’re trying to attract, but flexible working conditions might do the trick this year. Attract potential employees by advertising remote or hybrid positions.

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